Basics and Must to have Customization for your WordPress Website

What are the things you must customize in WordPress first hand installation to align it with your business and look professional ?

When you install WordPress for on any website either through Manual Installation or One Click installation through Plesk, There are certain things which must be customized in order to align identity of your website to your brand so that it looks and more relevant to your business goals. And there is no harm in doing so, reason being that WordPress itself is an open source CMS released under GPL license and there is no barrier on change, just read the Preamble of GNU Official website :

Preamble :
The licenses for most software are designed to take away your freedom to share and change it. 
By contrast, the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and 
change free software-to make sure the software is free for all its users.

What are some Basics and Must to have Customization for your WordPress Website ?

However this article is written on the basis of twenty seventeen theme, but similar options with little tweaks are available for other themes as well.

Brand Logo :

  • Log on to WordPress Dashboard > Dashboard > Customize your site > Site identity
    Site Identity
  • There you will notice a blank place for Logo.
  • Choose Select Logo, Now There is a popup for media selector with two tabs, here you can either upload file or Choose any previously uploaded logo. Remember the size of uploaded files may not exceed 2MB depending upon default configuration of PHP on your web server.

Favicon Ico:

There are two options to change this,

  • First approach is straightforward, available just beneath the Logo called site icon.
  • Limitation : But this might seem elegant is it takes care of many aspect and auto re-size of Favicon but limitation is that it renders them as jpg file, which is not a native file format that could be recognized by Mozilla firefox or others.
  • Alternate Way : So Another way is to convert your logo online into favicon.ico as through any online portal,
  • Then upload the same via FTP or plesk File Manager in root directory Located at Home directory > httpdocs
  • Now Navigate to header file located at Home directory > httpdocs > wp-content > themes> twentyseventeen > header.php
  • Now paste this line after meta tag of viewport or profile.
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon">
  • Give absolute path of file so that it works even for sub-directory.

Site Title and Slogan

Site title is very helpful for users as well as search engines to co-relate the content that your website presents and hence bears the utmost importance, so does a meaningful site slogan just appearing beneath the site title.

  • This option is Located just below the Logo under site identity in step 1.
  • Put a meaningful and most relevant title for your site and choose some matching and innovative slogan for your website that just compliment your websites Title, content or Line of Business.

Powerd by WordPress

  • To remove this, take a loook on footer.php located at same location mentioned in step 2. Home directory > httpdocs > wp-content >themes>twentyseventeen > footer.php
  • This will give idea about where the content of footer is coming from. Something like this :
    get_template_part( 'template-parts/footer/footer', 'widgets' );
  • Now Navigate to suggested directory as below to locate site-info file :
    Home directory > httpdocs > wp-content >themes> twentyseventeen> template-parts> footer > site-info.php
  • Now have this line pasted for entire anchor tag, this will ensure that you receive copy right watermark for your contents that is associated with your brand name.
    <span>&copy; <a href=""> <?php echo date("Y") ?></a></span>

Remove the widgets from sidebar and Footer that is not needed.

Many times we see that there are many extra addons are presented by default that comes during WordPress installation.
So in order to remove them :

  • Refer to step 1 to locate Customize your site option
  • Click on Widgets option
  • There are three option as you will notice in screen shot Blog Sidebar, Footer 1 and Footer 2
    Sidebar Footer Widgets

Here sometimes you will notice an standard that Footer 1 is used to place social media menu and Footer 2 is sometimes used to place Call us or Find us options, you could customize them or remove them if not required.

Choose a User and Search Engine Friendly URL.

Permalink settings
Since the size of URLs are limited and carries a high significance in locating the right content or sharing or bookmarking, choose a format of permalink which gives maximum benefit at the same time, endless options to base your articles.
As you can see in the screen-shot, Choose Categories before post name gives maximum benefit where you can prepend a category name prior a post make the url for SEO friendly.

What other things that you think is important to customize or get rid of and finding it difficult, share your thoughts thorugh comments section and we will be happy to accommodate it.

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