Symptoms of Teething and Their Therapy in Kids

What is Teething in Kids ?

Teething is the process of teeth coming out of gums of new born child usually after 5 or 6 months. Following are the normal symptoms and cares or precautions that we should take during this stage.

Symptoms of Teething :

  • Too much water in mouth (saliva) : When your child start teething, they start salivate more than usual. This is the one of the most common symptoms.
  • Sucking Thumbs : When the teething puts pressure on your child’s gums, they start sucking their fingers or anything they can suck on to relive the muscles in pain.
  • Mouth Rash : The continuous salivation can cause irritation, around your child’s mouth area due to their delicate skin.
  • Don’t Drink much : Teething is a painful process and your child might not drink according to their capacity or what they used to drink before teething.
  • Increased biting : The surface of your child’s gum can irritate them when they start teething. To stop the irritation, babies start chewing their toys, fingers or any object that they come across.

Household based Therapy to Relax Teething pain in Child :

  • Keep drying or wiping the child’s saliva to avoid the skin rash they might develop
  • Massage their gums with clean fingers to reduce pain, preferably with a finger soaked in honey.
  • Let your child chew on a frozen cloth or frozen fruits like a carrot, radish or cucumber from a freeze wrapped in cloth.
  • And Don’t forget to give regular dose of Calcium Vitamin-D medicin prescribed by pediatrician at the time of birth, as many mother tends to stop this during teething period which is not advisable, consult your pediatrician to be double sure.

Still if your child is developing unusual symptoms or continuous crying, then you should immediately see pediatrician.

Happy Reading and Happy Child Care. 🙂

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