Jan 30, 2021

ये खामोशी तोड़ दो।

ये खामोशी तोड़ दो।
ये चुप्पी छोड़ दो।
बहुत देर हो चुकी..
अब तो सहना छोड़ दो।
अब शोर करो।
बहुत जोर से करो।
सब कुछ है बस एक लड़ाई..
क्यों ना पहचाने अपनी परछाई..
सबसे मुँह मोड़ लो।
बस अपना रास्ता ढूंढ लो।
ये खामोशी तोड़ दो।
ये चुप्पी छोड़ दो।

Jan 2, 2021

Health Benefits of Dalchini

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is feature rich

Cinnamon, commonaly known as DalChini (or Dalcheeni) in Hindi has usually small plant but contrary to its size, it is blessed with rich feature. Dried leaves and bark are used as common ingredients of Garam Masala or even as part of normal spice. It's bark is generally little thick and light brown in nature. Cinnamon/DalChini does not only help us in loosing weight but also known for cure of many ailments if taken together with Honey, it helps in controlling heart related disease, cholesterol, skin problems, cough and cold including stomach related issues as well. It is also known as natural blood purifier. Let's see how does it help in specific scenarios :

In controlling cough and cold

DalChini/Cinnamon provides a quick relief in case of cough and cold that we catch during the change of weather or consuming excessive cold or freezed water during summer leading to leaking nose. If little bit of DalChini/Cinnamon poweder is mixed with honey in spoon, and taken twice a day morning and evening, it is said to provide relief in cough and cold.

If little bit of DalChini/Cinnamon is taken along with bit of Black pepper (Kali Mirch) powder in luke warm water, it not only provides relief from cough and cold but also controls the throat pain/infections due to that.

If DalChini/Cinnamon powder is prepared as paste by mixing water, it provides relief in headache that is caused due to cold waves in winter.

In controlling the joints pain

  • DalChini/Cinnamon is also helpful in controlling the joints pain.
  • Mix DalChini/Cinnamon in luke warm water and honey, and apply gentally or massage gentally on the parts of body which is having pain, it will provide a releif.
  • In a cup of water filled with luke warm water, mix 1 spoon honey and half spoon DalChini/Cinnamon, and intake this water to get relief from joints pain.

Help in Skin Related problems

  • DalChini/Cinnamon is also very helpful in fighting skin related issues. In case itching or rashes, DalChini/Cinnamon powder and honey shuold be mixed in equal quantity to form paste, and apply this paste on affected areas to get relief.
  • DalChini/Cinnamon powder should be mixed with little bit or few drops of lemon and applying on face proivdes reflif from pimpels.

Help in Stomoch related problems

DalChini/Cinnamon helps in digestion related issues as well as in controlling vomiting and diarea. Mix one spoon of honey and little bit of DalChini/Cinnamon poweder and intake this to provide reflief from stomach twist or ache and acidity. It helps in improving disgestion and hence a healthy stomoch life.

Help in keeping obesity in control

DalChini/Cinnamon is also useful in controlling obesity. Take one spoon of DalChini/Cinnamon and one spoon tea in a cup of water and boil it on normal temprature, now after filter, mix two spoon of honey and take it half an hour before breakfast and in night before going to bed. Following this on regular basis burns the extra fats and even keep weight and fats under control despite taking high calaories foods. Beside Dalchini, Ajwain is also known for its helpful nature of keeping weight under control, read this article for more information on ajwain.

For Heart Patients

Paste prepared using Honey and DalChini/Cinnamon if taken with chapati prevent the cholesterol to be accumulated in "DHAMANI"/ and can significantly reduce the chances of hart attack. Those who have already suffered the heart attack before, they can also reduce or avoiid future chances if any.

For Increased Cholestrol

We can use DalChini/Cinnamon to reduce the Cholestrol, for this take two big spoon of Honey and three big spoon of DalChini/Cinnamon powder and mix in half liter luke warm water. Using this reduces Cholestrol level in blood by 10 percent within 2 hours, and if taken thrice a day on daily basis reduces the Cholestrol level significantly.

Helpful in Cancer as well

DalChini is useful in even cancer like disease. Scientist from Japan and Australia have claimed to control the cancer of AMASHAY and Bone using DalChini and honey. Cancer patient should take 1 big spoon of honey and 1 spoon of DalChini poweder in luke warm water for a month to see the relief. However, they should also continue the treatment as prescribed by phishician.

For Other Disesase

One spoon of honey mixed with DalChini powder if applied gentally 2 - 3 times on teeth gives relief from teeth pain. In case of stress, take DalChini poweder mixed with honey to get reflief and increase the memory sharpness. It is also beneficial in case of ASTHMA and parlysis.