Mar 15, 2020

What things need to be taken care of during Chaitra ?

What is Chaitra/Chait/Choitro ?

  • Chaitra is the first month  of the Hindu calendar. In the standard Hindu calendar and India's national civil calendar, It is the first month of the year.
  • Chaitra or Chait is also the last month in the Nepali calendar (the Vikram Samvat), where it commences in mid-March
  • It is the last month in the Bengali calendar, where it is called Choitro. 

Take care of these thigns during Chaitra : 

This year, i.e., 2020, It's started on 10th of March, It is not only marked as beginning of first month of new year, but from religious standpoint, it is regarded as auspicious and important. People says that It has been named Chaitra as it belongs to Chitra Nakshatra (Star). It is an end to Spring and beginning of Summer. We know that Hindu Culture and rituals have always shown the path of spirituality, the way we can lead our life and avoid lots of problem in day to day life. 

Lets discuss some activities that are advised either to be taken or debarred from being taken during this holy month :

  1. In the modern era of double door fridge and electronic advancement, we tend to prefer to have foods which have been cooked a long back. There is significant difference between the time when it was prepared/cooked and the time when it is being consumed. There are many examples from our day to day life, fast food like Burger/Pizza/Sandwich/etc and from home meal like something cooked yesterday or day before yesterday. Sad to say, but we should avoid this as far as possible as advised by Hindu and various regional Calendar. If we look at this from scientific point of view, our health is said to deteriorate when we choose stale food over fresh one.
  2. In the month of Chaitra, there is holy festival of Navratra, and hence we should gradually decrease consumption of newly produced grains. In many places across India, people do keep fast all 9 days of Navratri.
  3. In this month, we should avoid Jaggery and all items that is made from it. It's  because Jaggery nature tends to be warm due to the say its its is prepared. 
  4. Beside this, Chewing the few delicate Neem leaves is very helpful. It's is said to be the natural blood purifier and believed to cure many ailments. If we are not able to consume or chew it directly, we can mix or use the same in any vegetable that we love, for e.g., In Mithilanchal, there is popular variant of Neem leaves getting fried with Brinjal.
  5. We should increase the intake of Liquid items, specially water so that body does not become dehydrated due to change in weather.
  6. We should increase the intake of of Fruits in day to day consumption, like raw Fruits or Fruits salad.
  7. Taking Grams in any form preferably germinated grams and sprouts are very fruitful.
  8. In this month, we should avoid the alcohol and alcohol based product as it increase the acidity drastically. Consumption of non-veg is also discouraged.
  9. Many people across India avoid the hair cutting or nail clipping during the festival season of Navratri.
  10. In the first half of Chaitra, many people tend to avoid the use of Leather based items like belt, shoes, purse etc, simply because the marking of auspicious holy festival.

Let me know in case you agree or disagree with any points above or any suggestion you might have through contact form available in side.

Happy Reading :) 

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