Mar 15, 2020

Loose Weight in Natural Manner with Home Remedies

Health Benefits of Ajwain :

Ajwain, also known as carom seeds, has been used as natural herb for curing the ailments of stomach and digestion related problem for a long time. If one is looking to reduce the fat, it is advised to intake water in the morning which has remain immersed with Ajwain overnight.

Fat/Fatty Lever/Obesity has been very common kind of problem. Almost everyone has sooner or later been impacted by this at-least once in a lifetime, be it after pregnancy or some other stage of life. Whereas some people choose Gym while some other chooses dieting in order to control the extra fat. But you will be surprised to know that home based remedies can help reduce the Obesity to a greater extent that too without wasting too much of time and sweat and Ajwain is one of the effective and tried and tested solution to curb this problem. It is available in almost all kitchen and it is full of medical advantage and health benefits. Ajwain not only provides relief from the stomach and body pain but is very effective in reducing the weight as well.

Ajwain is Ayurvedic Medicine/Herb :

Ajwain has been used as medicine to cure the ailments related to stomach and digestion from time immemorial. Ajwain in taste is bitter just like Neem or Bitter melon/bitter gourd known as Karela in Hindi. But despite being bitter in taste, it is full of medical benefits. It's not only helpful in curing many ailments but helps great in reducing the weight as well. Seeds of Ajwain is feature rich in Thymol which is a strong germicide, strong anti-bacterial and fungicide, anti spasmodic. Thymol is also used in antiseptic effect in toothpaste, flavor in cough drops, mouth washes, gargles and perfumery. Thymol in Ajwain help improve the digestive system by facilitating the release of gastric juices.

How Does Ajwain help in reducing Weight ?

Ajwain help in ousting of the toxic elements from body thus improving the metabolic system which consequently improves digestion. Beside this It helps body absorb and utilize the nutritional value of diet. It does not let the fats accumulation in body and burns the extras calories, thus reducing the overall weight. Ajwain is also feature rich in Vitamin and Calcium which provides required strength to bones during workout.

How to Consume Ajwain ?

Leave the Ajwain seeds to remain immersed in one glass of water in night, and in the morning, boil it for few seconds to make it Luke warm. If your forgot to put Ajwain in water overnight, you can also boil it for some seconds in morning as well. Now filter the Ajwain out from water using the same way we filter tea, and take this water in empty stomach, something very first in the morning.

For better result in timely bound manner, 25 gm. of Ajwain is said to be sufficient for mixing in one glass of water for whole night. Beside this, since there is no side effect of Ajwain provided that it is consumed in limited quantity, it can be consumed in daily diet (as spice or direct mix) as well if one dislike the bitterness of Ajwain water in the morning. If this activity is taken up on daily basis, you should notice the positive difference in 15 to 20 days.

Side effects of excessive use  vs.  Benefits of Regular use of Ajwain :

Ajwain, as said above, is a kind of ayurvedic medicine, and hence it should be consumed as medicine and not as a diet.If you want to loose wait, you will have to be regular and disciplined in the consumption of Ajwain, it's not going to show miracle over the night, and in normal matter of course, it takes time to show results, so you should be patient and keep calm and be regular. Consumption of Ajwain in excess can cause acidity or some sort of burning sensation in stomach. It is also not advised to consume during any stage of pregnancy.

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