Mar 16, 2020

Health Benefits of Salad

Health Benefits of Salad

Salad is very common thing that we take on day to day basis, in different forms like either raw, or boiled or roasted. In our Country, It is prepared from fresh raw vegetable materials like cucumber, tomato, radish, beetroot, carrot and onion. Since the ingredients tend to be raw in nature and beside onion, many of them can be taken separately, hence it is not advisable to have Salad with main course of meal, but sadly today young generation does have minimal knowledge of our tradition.

If you are eyeing on controlling the weight, have this in below prescribed way for optimum benefits.

Eating Salad is very useful and have positive impact on our health, we all agree with this fact. Therefore, from fruits to vegetable and all sorts of sprouts are always in demand. However some people and specifically those great admirer of Salads are not able to provide optimum nutritional value of Salad to their health just because of the fact that they don't know the "Proper" way it should be taken. Let us take a high level glance of some facts that is helpful for our health and provide maximum benefits of having Salad.

Right Time to have Salad

Salad should always be taken before any meal, however 90 percent of us take it during  the meal or main course only, which is not able to provide optimum benefits that it brings to our health. Having salad during meal even causes indigestion sometimes.

Try to maintain the difference between Salad and Main Course

When you are feeling hungry or whatever time you have fixed for lunch or dinner, try to eat salad at-least half an hour before that time. After maintaining this thirty minutes window, or at-least 20 - 25 minutes in case you can't wait, have the main course. This will provide you the full nutritional value to your health and will help you control over eating as well.

It helps in keeping weight under bracket.
Salad, if taken in proper and routine manner, it not only helps in controlling the weight but keep our digestive system in order, helps in cleaning of stomach. It helps in preventing extra calories and fats to be accumulated in our body and saves us from overeating consequently which in turn help keep weight under control.

Ways to Prepare Salad

In normal matter of course, It is prepared in one of the two manner. First one being Raw material way in which we mix fruits and vegetable chopped in pieces and dress/sprinkle with some spices such as Chat masala, Jeera (Cumin) powder. While second way is to prepare after mild boiling, in which vegetables are boiled and water is filtered out and then salad is prepared, this way people believe that it helps in combating or sanitizing any germs or fungus that might be present with or within raw vegetables. Irrespective of the way it is prepared, we should avoid it with main course.

Why Salad should not overlap with Main course ?

Irrespective of the way Salad is prepared, it's nature is cold while nature of the food is warm. When we take warm and cold things together, our digestive system have to work a bit harder to digest the same. Since it requires more energy and time to digest both food, many times it compromises the entire process and hence leads to more trouble like overeating, not feeling hunger at right time, and change of eating schedule.

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